Now that your kids have started school, they are exposed to unhealthy temptations in their canteen. Minimize unhealthy food choices by preparing baon that your kids will love, by following these tips:

Prepare a menu.

Planning your kids' baon should not be an afterthought. Keep things interesting week in and week out by planning their meals. Get creative—kids get bored if you pack them the same lunch every day. When preparing your kids' weekly menu, ask them for food and snacks they enjoy so you can come up with a healthy yet satisfying meal plan.

Try healthier substitutes.

One way to also change up your kids' baon is to try healthier alternatives, but also keep in mind that these should still be tasty. For example, instead of roast beef and rice, you can pack grilled chicken and brown rice so that they get less servings of fat and more fiber. Pack fresh fruit juice or milk, along with water in your kids' lunch box so that they won't be tempted to buy soda.

Let them help.

Kids love to help out, and kids who make their own food love to eat their creations. Use this to your advantage by letting them help in preparing their baon. You can also take this opportunity to teach them that apples are healthier than potato chips, and water is better than soda.

Meals at school should still be as healthy as the food you prepare at home. By offering healthier choices at home and enlisting your kid's help in preparing nutritious meals, you ensure that they stay healthy. This will give them a better chance to excel in school.


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