Children, like adults, sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed. When this happens to your child, he may begin throwing tantrums, making threats, or crying uncontrollably. Worse, your child may not want to go to school at this time.

This, however, is the best time for him to learn. So even if the situation is difficult to handle, don't stop devising ways to make your child go to school early in the morning.

The good news is that you can resolve a bad morning habit by keeping the following tips in mind.

Tip #1

Just like how prevention is better than curing, preparation prevents the added stress in the early part of the day. Make sure that everything your child needs in school is prepared the night before and not in the morning. Anxious parents affect their child's mood in learning.

Tip #2

Get your child to bed as early as possible, making him wake up fresh from a good night's sleep and ready for learning. Asking your child to set his alarm clock for the next day will help, but a regular sleeping time at night will set his body clock up for the following day.

Tip #3

Identify which part in the morning is the most stressful for you and your child. If forcing your child to take his breakfast eats much of your time and heads for a bad start, healthy cereals, oats or a sandwich plus a glass of milk may do the trick. You may also try asking your child, the night before, for his idea of a sumptuous breakfast, something that would boost his appetite.

Just make sure that your child eats a balanced diet for breakfast, for a full stomach fuels the brain for maximum learning.

Tip #4

It helps if you try to make your child understand the consequences of his actions. For instance, waking up late can lead to embarrassment as he arrives late for class. Believe it or not, your child will prefer to sacrifice his sleep than experience the unwanted attention from his tardiness.