Boosting Brain Development with Music


If he really puts his mind to it, your child can get better at playing any musical instrument. But did you know that playing musical instruments can help improve his brain development?

Separate studies done in Brown University, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of California reveal that children who have received musical training actually score higher on IQ and cognitive tests. They are also likely to excel in certain subjects including language and mathematics.

Turns out, your little musician stands to gain a lot more than just learning how to entertain houseguests.

The Violin for Improved Language Skills


Playing violin can help maximize and bring about language proficiency. In fact, one of the most popular methods of learning the violin involves likening its chords to human speech patterns.

The "mother tongue" method was introduced by Dr. Sinichi Suzuki, a pioneer in music education and a noted violinist himself. It teaches children to play the violin in the exact same way that they learn to speak their native language—by listening and identifying changes in pitch and tempo.


The Piano for Improved Math Skills

The piano is a complex instrument that requires sustained attention and longer control.Your aspiring pianist has to get acquainted with 88 keys, and then, keep track of time and rhythm.

But it's all worth it. This intense cognitive exercise is good training ground for mathematics, because reading sheet music actually involves numbers and calculations.