In most situations, your child will want to do his best and focus on one thing at a time. But at around 42 to 48 months old, he can probably follow two-step commands like "Get your shoes, and bring them to me" and more. With growing strength and dexterity, your child will also likely begin to ride a tricycle at this age, a task that requires coordinating his hands to steer and his feet to push on the pedals.

Help your child enhance his multitasking ability as he grows. Start by assigning his simple tasks. Encourage him to care for himself (e.g. combing his own hair) or do an easy chore (e.g. bringing his plate to the sink after meals).

Then, encourage him to do more complex activities by praising his efforts. According to mom of two, educator, and CEO of Galileo Enrichment Program Inc., Ma. Rowena J. Matti, giving words of praise will make your child want to do more. It will also make him feel independent and empowered to do more complex tasks eventually.


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